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A taste of Home

Saturday, June 13th, 2009

For a moment, it smells like Malaysia, sounds like Malaysia… and almost… almost taste like Malaysia…

i had a wonderful dinner at a malaysian restaurant in zurich… i heard that there aren’t many malaysian restaurant in zurich, and this one i had…suppose to be quite popular with the singaporean and malaysian crowd.. the name of the restaurant is Teoh Restaurant, and supposely they had been operating like 20 years??

it is also possible to have some pre-book dishes…
like if you manage to get like 10 ppl, then you could inform the owner what you would like to have, for example, Assam Laksa, or Prawn Noodles, or real satay with peanut sauce…

  1. Food – CHF130 (RM416)
    • wanton soup (8 special only-for-malaysian’s prawn wantons),
    • 1 portion gado-gado (indian rojak),
    • 1 nyonya curry chicken,
    • 1 char koay teow,
    • 1 duck noodles soup,
    • 1 curry mee,
    • 2 jasmine tea,
    • 2 bier
  2. Train ticket from Luzern to Zurich – CHF28.20 (RM90.24)
  3. Taste of home – PRICELESS

Well…… not something that i should do frequently as i hav with me canned curry chicken, chicken herbs soup, luncheon meat, dark soy sauce, sesame oil, etc with me…. but it is nice, once in a while, to have something to remind me of how food in malaysia taste like now… hehehehhehehe

Today was a day full of activities, and also full of money using excuses… watched Terminator at noon, had (lousy) Hong Kong food for lunch, went shopping and bought myself a new shirt and a new jacket.

Teoh Restaurant

Bäckerstrasse 37
8004 Zürich

Tel.: 044/ 242 14 42
Fax: 044/ 242 14 42

( From Zurich Haupbahnhof, proceed to Bahnhofquai to take the Tram no:14, stop at Stauffacher…. and Baeckerstrasse is just arround the corner. You will see 2 chinese red lantern on the entrance. Do make bookings if you are there during peak hours, as the restaurant is small, there are places for like 30 ppl. )

Upcoming events

Tuesday, May 12th, 2009

Summer is said to be the time where people enjoying the outdoor…. in fact supposedly the only time where the weather is nice enough to be out of the comfort of the hibernation caves…

End of Spring and beginning of Autumn is pretty enjoyable as well….or so they said.. i hv no idea as i hv not been through, and so far… now, the begining of Spring is not very nice as it rains every now and then.

People have party, have festival, have sports events, have bbq, ppl do hiking, ppl do lots and lots and lots of fun stuff…

Below are some of the notable events happening in and around Zurich…. which i hope that i will have the luxury of time to be there, to experience something difference…. you know, afterall, these events are only fun for the first time…

The biggest Gay event in Europe.

Zurich Festival… will hv lots of free concert, orchestra, etc… hope that i will hv time to go and look look see see

The ultimate Street Parade where the city is totally shut down and jam packed with 1 million party-goers, tourist etc… and i hope that i will not miss this……..

Event to showcase Zurich as the a happening back to the nature city of Europe

I will be going to this exhibition to experience for the first time… an art exhibition and the same time to charge and recharge all my artistic cells.

If only my friends, you, you , you and you are here with me…..

A schoene Wochenende

Monday, April 27th, 2009

I had a good week this week….not only the weekend.

It was a fruitful week… lots of things happened and completed… the best is that a chance to meet up my good friend whom was in Germany and then whom was also here… for a run… the Zurich Marathon.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by
Had a great time… the chance to be able to swear in Hokkien again was great!Image Hosted by

Suddenly i felt that i am at home… right at home…. the feeling was great….

I took part with my colleagues…in Luzerner City Run on Saturday… for the first time… since many months… i must said that i DID terribly bad….
Image Hosted by Image Hosted by
Meanwhile, i felt that i started really to like Switzerland…. in some ways. I was in Germany this week, but sorry to say, it feels difference… the people, the street, the scenery, the buildings, the environment… somehow, is just different… in one or many ways…. and then on the way back… knowing that the train i took was approaching Switzerland… i felt delighted… weird… but is true.

Besides that, i had a talk with my line manager about my situation in the company, i was assured that it was absolutely OK… for not being able to contribute much now. Frankly, i was feeling a bit bad… a bit useless and a bit too free and also a bit lost. But then again, i was told that it will only be better…

Not that i had never changed job before… i changed more frequently then most ppl my age…. but then it has been always difficult to start new…all over again…. sigh… hope that i will gain the momentum soon!

2nd weekend

Sunday, March 15th, 2009

time flies… and now here i am… my 2nd weekends here in Baar, Zug

i used to love fridays when i was in Malaysia and wished everyday is a Friday, and now…. i dont want it to be here so soon… because to me, now… weekends is difficult. I do not know what is there to do on Saturdays, and on Sundays.

Up till now, i try to make Saturdays my travel day…. where i will be going out the whole day… to somewhere…to some city… anywhere …just try not to be at home. And then try to make my Sundays, a stay home day… where i supposed to sleep as long as i like, and then to cook a decent lunch, do some laundry, jogging in the evening and stuffs like that… so far so good.

I was in Zug last week, and yesterday i went to Zurich. Zurich, the little big city, or so i read from some brochures. Upon reaching Zurich Main station, i was stunned, or shocked for a moment, looking at all the crowds before me. Then i realized, shit, i have been too long in Baar, that i hv not seen crowds for some weeks… and i felt a little uneasy with the crowds…. but thank god that was only for a moment… before i gather up myself and brave into the thick crowds.
Zurich Main Train Station

The city centre…. at both sides the of Limmat, and the lake shore… is small enough to cover in a day, but interesting enough to discover, lanes by lanes, alleys by alleys. I “covered” Zurich during my last trip in 2008… so nothing much new this time, except that i went up a little viewing plaza which is the Main Building of the University of Zurich, from here, you can get a birds eye view of the city…. nice…
University of Zurich

The main building of the university

The public plaza

The city of Zurich and the famous churches

To reach the university, you could choose to walk…. or to take a furnicular train, known here as the polybahn.

Then after finish taking in the sights of the city above, you could very well walk your way down to the Niederdorfstrasse, the old town of Zurich. Is just a 10 minutes walk or less… these days, walking all over the place hasnt been a problem for me. I skipped the old town this round as i did it in my last trip… so instead i went to the legendary, world famous Zurich Bahnhofstrasse. Never heard of it? Dont ask me why, me too… i heard about Oxford St in London, 5th avenue in New York, Champ Elysées in Paris, Pitt St Mall in Sydney, MyeongDong in Seoul, but never Zurich Bahnhofstrasse before i was here.


Jelmoli, Zurich’s oldest Department Store

More evidences that Spring is here


The three of the most famous institutions in Zurich, the blue-and-white tram, UBS HQ

and sprungli chocolatier

i went shopping for a perfume… 212men by Caroline Herrera, and i bought myself 14 pairs of socks… i crazy, but then this is also becasue of the fact that i am allow to do laundry officially only about once in 10 days…. and the other thing that i really regret not bringing more is UNDERWEAR.

We have those 5 in a box or something like tht in malaysia…. cheap and in nice rainbow colours… here… they dont come in box of 5, they come 1 in a packet… in white mostly and it cost about RM54 for one… damn

Anyone volunteer to send me some?