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Tuesday, May 19th, 2009

Basel, a city popular for the very delicious Basel Leckerli….
Or was it popular with its pharmaceutical companies?
Wait, could it be the fact that it is the only “SeaPort” for Switzerland and the rest of Central Europe?
Or perhaps Basel’s unique location at the Tri-country meeting points, Switzerland’s very own Golden Triangle?
But some do says, it is widely known for its museums and cultural activity, otherwise the canton wouldnt dare to called itself, Basel, Culture Unlimited.

One thing for sure, i do find its flag very interesting.

I was in Basel on last weekend, to recharge my cultural and my artistic cells, that never seems to be present. There is currently on-going exhibition of Vincent van Gogh in Basel Kunstmuseum, touted to be the biggest art exhibition in Europe in 2009… and thus i convinced myself to be there, to experience, to indulge, to learn and to understand more about arts. It was my virgin (first) art exhibition and i enjoyed it. Overall, i must say that it is not only merely an exhibition, but also kind of like a biography of van Gogh. So if you plan to visit, i would suggest you not to go now, but later…. as this exhibition will be on till September. The reasons is that it is very very very very crowded and u dont really get a quiet moment to appreciate and to absorb it all…..

There are numerous worthy place, a must for every tourist to visit while in Basel.
The one couldnt be missed and shouldnt, would be the Basel Town Hall. The building is coated with striking red paint and decorated with frescoes, flags, gold gilded spires and statues. The inner court yard of the town hall does ooze a certain romantic old charm. It is located right at the Marktplatz, where there is a fresh produce market every morning except for Sundays. The town hall has been in its present location since 14th century, although the building itself has gone through several renovations and add-ons throught the time.

The imposing Basel Cathedral right by the River Rhine should not be missed as well. Though the cathedral is visible from the old town, one needs to explore a bit to find the way to the cathedral itself. It is perched slightly elevated on Muensterberg (loosely translated as Cathedral hill) overlooking the Rhine. The cathedral itself is an architectural marvel, and you could climb up to the very very top of the spire… with a fees of course. Nothing is free in Switzerland.

From the very top of the cathedral, you have a nice 360 degree, view of Basel and the River Rhine.

There is also another church, the Elizabeth Church, a more gothic style, i think and not less amazing comparing to the Basel Cathedral.

The Tinguely fountain is a must. No.. it is not another boring european style fountains. This fountain is aliveeeee!!!!! Tinguely Fountain is designed by Jean Tinguely, and it is now a symbol of the city of Basel. This is a metamechanics fountain which moves….. or ppl call it kinetic arts

Despite being the smallest canton in switzerland, basel is full of life. A short walk around the town , i realized that Basel is sort of more lively, more busy, more people and more energy than Zurich…

i love this orchestra by the riverwalk…

and i love them too….

Upcoming events

Tuesday, May 12th, 2009

Summer is said to be the time where people enjoying the outdoor…. in fact supposedly the only time where the weather is nice enough to be out of the comfort of the hibernation caves…

End of Spring and beginning of Autumn is pretty enjoyable as well….or so they said.. i hv no idea as i hv not been through, and so far… now, the begining of Spring is not very nice as it rains every now and then.

People have party, have festival, have sports events, have bbq, ppl do hiking, ppl do lots and lots and lots of fun stuff…

Below are some of the notable events happening in and around Zurich…. which i hope that i will have the luxury of time to be there, to experience something difference…. you know, afterall, these events are only fun for the first time…

The biggest Gay event in Europe.

Zurich Festival… will hv lots of free concert, orchestra, etc… hope that i will hv time to go and look look see see

The ultimate Street Parade where the city is totally shut down and jam packed with 1 million party-goers, tourist etc… and i hope that i will not miss this……..

Event to showcase Zurich as the a happening back to the nature city of Europe

I will be going to this exhibition to experience for the first time… an art exhibition and the same time to charge and recharge all my artistic cells.

If only my friends, you, you , you and you are here with me…..