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2nd weekend

Sunday, March 15th, 2009

time flies… and now here i am… my 2nd weekends here in Baar, Zug

i used to love fridays when i was in Malaysia and wished everyday is a Friday, and now…. i dont want it to be here so soon… because to me, now… weekends is difficult. I do not know what is there to do on Saturdays, and on Sundays.

Up till now, i try to make Saturdays my travel day…. where i will be going out the whole day… to somewhere…to some city… anywhere …just try not to be at home. And then try to make my Sundays, a stay home day… where i supposed to sleep as long as i like, and then to cook a decent lunch, do some laundry, jogging in the evening and stuffs like that… so far so good.

I was in Zug last week, and yesterday i went to Zurich. Zurich, the little big city, or so i read from some brochures. Upon reaching Zurich Main station, i was stunned, or shocked for a moment, looking at all the crowds before me. Then i realized, shit, i have been too long in Baar, that i hv not seen crowds for some weeks… and i felt a little uneasy with the crowds…. but thank god that was only for a moment… before i gather up myself and brave into the thick crowds.
Zurich Main Train Station

The city centre…. at both sides the of Limmat, and the lake shore… is small enough to cover in a day, but interesting enough to discover, lanes by lanes, alleys by alleys. I “covered” Zurich during my last trip in 2008… so nothing much new this time, except that i went up a little viewing plaza which is the Main Building of the University of Zurich, from here, you can get a birds eye view of the city…. nice…
University of Zurich

The main building of the university

The public plaza

The city of Zurich and the famous churches

To reach the university, you could choose to walk…. or to take a furnicular train, known here as the polybahn.

Then after finish taking in the sights of the city above, you could very well walk your way down to the Niederdorfstrasse, the old town of Zurich. Is just a 10 minutes walk or less… these days, walking all over the place hasnt been a problem for me. I skipped the old town this round as i did it in my last trip… so instead i went to the legendary, world famous Zurich Bahnhofstrasse. Never heard of it? Dont ask me why, me too… i heard about Oxford St in London, 5th avenue in New York, Champ Elysées in Paris, Pitt St Mall in Sydney, MyeongDong in Seoul, but never Zurich Bahnhofstrasse before i was here.


Jelmoli, Zurich’s oldest Department Store

More evidences that Spring is here


The three of the most famous institutions in Zurich, the blue-and-white tram, UBS HQ

and sprungli chocolatier

i went shopping for a perfume… 212men by Caroline Herrera, and i bought myself 14 pairs of socks… i crazy, but then this is also becasue of the fact that i am allow to do laundry officially only about once in 10 days…. and the other thing that i really regret not bringing more is UNDERWEAR.

We have those 5 in a box or something like tht in malaysia…. cheap and in nice rainbow colours… here… they dont come in box of 5, they come 1 in a packet… in white mostly and it cost about RM54 for one… damn

Anyone volunteer to send me some?

3rd day

Saturday, February 28th, 2009

3rd day in switzerland, and i survived…

despite the fact that i am almost bored to death… and i do not know what should i take for lunch, dinner…
i had breads and breads and bananas and apples for the 1st day.

2nd day was better…. i had a starbucks caramel macchiato and a blueberry muffin for lunch and a bowl of salad and sandwiches for dinner…
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i started my day today with a hearty breakfast from the hotel…. then i waited for my agent to pick me up for my appointment with UBS in Zug, to open a personal account with them. It took about 30-45mins for that to be completed. It was simple… and straight forward…. because of a special arrangement that my company have with them. From internet forums, i read about the horror one has to get through for the opening of banking account… thank god for his mercy on me.
To open an account with the UBS, you just need
1) Passport
2) Work Contract
3) Fill up some forms

and then you will be given
1) UBS Personal Account
2) UBS Savings Account (apparently there are differences between (1) and (2))
3) UBS Maestro Card (ATM Card)
4) UBS Credit Card
5) UBS e-Banking
6) Membership of UBS KeyClub

All of the above come FOC for the first year, second year onwards, you pay a 20chf per month for accounts maintenance with deposit lesser than 10,000chf.

Right after that, we went to the Immigration Dept of Zug to register myself officially as an Alien or Auslander.

Immigration officer everywhere are very particular about documentations and so is the one here. I was told that the picture i took back in Malaysia wasnt fit and useable, so i needed to take another one.. which cost me 8chf.. but i must say that the quality aren’t too bad.

Documents Required :
1) A copy of the Authorization of Residence
2) 2 photographs, passport sized, with grey background!
3) some govt forms
4) A photocopy of the passport
and everything will be magically done and completed… and within a month, i should be getting my permit.
Again, all this are made simple by my agent… she is an expert in this and i really appreciate all the efforts she put in to ensure that everything went on smoothly.

2 things down, 38 more to go… just kidding…
next in line…
1) handover of temp apartment to me
2) start to find a permanent place
3) get myself a compulsory health insurance
4) get myself a personal liability insurance
5) get myself a household insurance
6) get myself a personal liability insurance
7) secured my desired apartment
8) get mover to move in all my furniture
9) then finally i can be considered settled down.

oh… in between, not forgetting about acclimatizing myself with the environment, weather, work, and etc.

i had this for lunch today… yum yum