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Sunday, December 6th, 2009

It finally snows this week….
for the whole day and it was so beautiful…
everything is covered in snow..
the field, the tree, the cars, the roads, the plants, the mountain, the bridge, the roof….

it was kind of magical… still magical, although this is not the first time i see fresh snow from the sky…

but the sigh of fluffy white stuff falling from the sky…. as if raining… tht just simply fascinates me

Well… tht is the case if i am not outside…
the aftermath of snow is simply irritating…
it is almost impossible to stay dry while walking back home.
i hate the mushy, wet, soggy feet feeling :S

Nevertheless, the view of the mountains surrounding Luzern across the lake is just simply breathtaking…. on a clear day.

We always have foggy day during the winter… or so i was told… so it is a gift from heaven, like today, when the sky is clear and the view is superb!!!

I had fun shopping today…. buying some chocolates and small souvenir for family and friends….

yes… and i will soon be making my first trip back to Malaysia…

time flies, and as usual, that scares me…

the good part is that, i will be having a long long long holiday… and i am really looking forward to it 😀

Is grass always greener on the other side?

Friday, March 6th, 2009

or the moon bigger and rounder on the other side?

well… what i can say is that… NO… at least for now…
i hv not seen Mr Sunny for some time… not to mention Miss Moon….
Grass too never seems to be appear greener… as it has been snowing this morning and this evening..
so all covered up.

I used to think that snowing was fun… and now i started to hate it.
It makes the walkway squishy, yucky, slimmey, and it is not pleasant at all.
Not to mention as well that it makes my shoes soggy wet and coming from a tropical paradise, i really do not know how to handle this. Should i wear plastic cover over my leather shoes? or i just let it be…
it is getting worse by day.. and it starts to stink!

One of my mission here is trying to be more healthy…slimming down in between..
I try to eat McD set meal for dinner one night while i was at hotel… and i kind of like having indigestion. I felt the burger and the fries up my throat all night long!………….. so i try to make it a point to have salad for dinner everyday… and make my lunch as the main meal of the day. It is the same today… i had a small portion of salad… with french dressing for dinner, then, i took a glass of milk… then 2 slices of sponge cake… and finally 1/2 a pack of potato chips. Guessed…today i failed ya???

I went for minor groceries shopping today, now that i have a fully furnished apartment and kitchen, i can start cooking…. on weekends. Weekdays, i just simply feel too lazy! i bought a small bag of TAUGEH/beansprout, a few hundred grams of fresh mushroom (meant for weekend dinner), a box of cereal and a carton of milk (meant for breakfast. I planned to have fried noodles this sunday… with taugeh and mushroom, eggs and perhaps chicken fillet!! i am salivating just by typing it out here… hehe
something like this :

One of the way to make the Swiss to recycle, you are only allowed to use the SPECIAL garbage bag by the government… and it cost 3chf for one… RM10 just for a plastic bag. With this the government hope that the people will throw lesser rubbish..and to recycle more. Here they have recycling centre everywhere… and you are suppose to segregate your rubbish into glass, metal, paper, PET (plastic bottles) , cardboard, bio-decomposable and to bring it to the recycling centre. I will try to take some picture and have better explanation on my coming posts. It took me a good few minutes just to tell the cashier of a grocery store that i need the ‘Local Gov Bag’ for trash.