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Annyeong Haseyeo

Saturday, January 26th, 2008

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to be in Korea…
korea was never in my list before…but well…i was wrong
Korea, a land of beauty…. beautiful culture, beautiful scenery, beautiful people (if you like bae young jun and lee young ae)

First impression was pleasant enough, as i flew in with Korean Airlines.
I must say that the korean airstewardess has very evry beautiful and artistic uniforms…
i love them a lot….unlike malaysia airlines, theirs are very modern.

I saw my first snow in the airport…on the tarmac, there was a pile of dirty snow…
though it is not a sight to behold, but i was damn excited…simply because it is a pile of snow!

Seoul is really a huge city, a city of 14 millions pople….
Basically Seoul city is divided by the majestic Han River….with streets and lots of tiny little lanes which at time look messy and confusing,
buildings and houses were built on hills overlapping each other…every turn, every corner, there is something to be discovered.

We did the usual…
a visit to korea isnt complete without visiting the dae jung gum movie studio, where all the palaces, the rooms , the houses used for the movies are ‘preserved’ to rip the tourist off.
But that place does look good… picture from it does have resemblance of those palaces in china…

Then we were given a change to catch a glimpse of what North Korea looks like through the Dora Observatory Deck…it was barrened and appeared to be without trees, from where i stand. In the observatory complex, we were shown some videos which explained the complicated relationship of North and South Korea, the only remaining sign of Cold War in the world.

There were some sign of life…. apparently the north korean buildt some showcased village along the border to tell the world that they are doing fine too.

So much about the history and war, is time to enjoy when we were brought to Samsung Everland Resort… a theme park… which ranked the 4th in the world after disnelyand florida,paris,tokyo.
Step aside Genting, as everland is really a place to be for the young and young at heart.
The atmosphere and the whole surrounding is amazing, fairytale like….with cute background musics, colourful costume, shops and excellent scarry rides.

Leaving Everland, we then proceed to YangJi Ski Resort….where i gonna try to ski for the first time in my life.
The sight of the ski field, ski runway, ski ground was a sight to behold…almost shed tears…
as i have never see such a scene before. I have always wanted to see snow, to see what it feels like when it is snowing, to feel snows when it hit your face, to taste the fresh snow….

Skiing is difficult…at least for me…the boots are heavy…and with the ski blades on, you are basically immobile.
i falled a few times…damaged 2 sets of ski blades, got fed-up and decided to play snow-fights and to build snowman. Snowfight was much fun, but there is no way i could buildt a life-size snowman…. just wondering how you folks in the northern hemisphere did that.

Love and like the ski sessions…..and the fact that is snows for the whole day does make this the highlight of my entire korea trip.

Shoppings in Korea made Starhill in KL, Orchard Road in Singapore, Nanjing Road in Shanghai, Pitt St Mall in Sydney a kids play.For expensive designer labels, one heads to Myeongdong Shopping Street,

for more local korean street wears, Dongdaemun(Great East gate) shouldnt be missed, Shopping complexes in Dongdaemun opened until 5am everyday.

while for those who like something more locals… do try out namdaemun(great south gate) market.

Thank god for all young koreans are fit,slim…there were bascially no shirt, jeans or shoes that i could fit in… else i would have to be declared bankruptcy upon returning to KL.

Our last day were a real blessing for it snows the whole day in Seoul…. the dry naked trees are all covered by thick snows…the sight was really amazing and beautiful

So thats my korea trip in a nutshell…post ….and i think i will be back for more in the future.

Kamsah Hamnidah (Thank You)!