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First Day of Work

Wednesday, March 4th, 2009

suddenly, i felt I was like a school kid again…

you know… the eagerness to go to school for the first time…where you are excited about just everything and you are also anxious… on meeting new friends, new enviroment, new buildings and etc.

First day of the month, and there were more than 15 other “newbies” other than me….
everyone sat and waited at the lobby for the HR induction….. and there were 2 sessions, one for english and the other for deutsch.

Together with new colleagues from South Africa (Communication Manager for EMEA and Latin America), Pakistan (programmer), Italy(Technical Product Manager for PCR, GSS) and myself(Product Engineer, GSS), we were briefed on everything from the company badge, to the staff restaurant, from the pension fund to the IT do’s and dont’s… and there were quite some paperworks for us to figure out.

The staff restaurant is awesome, and nice, and cosy, and amazing…
it offered among the cheapest lunch in the whole town… though the quality of it is debatable.
Everyday, they will have 3 main menus to choose from including a compulsory vegetarian menu. Today they have rice+mushroom, stirfried pork+rice, and beef+potatoes. With the menu, you get either a drink/soup and a bowl of salad(leftover vege). Then of course if you are choosy, you get to choose other items too, like pasta, and some salad buffets.

And then I got myself a new sitting place just beside the windows (some of you might saw the pic i sent)… a brand new HP laptop, a nokia E50 HP, a very very interesting working desk, where it could be raised up high….high..high.. high, in case you dont want to sit and you prefer to stand… which is a good idea, and i think could do well if i were to distribute it in Malaysia.

Today was quite an easy day…. loitering around, with nothing much to do…well is just that i hv to attend tonnes of training before i could starting making any contribution, and i did fell a little “useless” now for not being able to contribute anything. And i m worried too… i am afraid if i cant do well or if i cant follow the pace….. you know, me being me… always on the negative side…and trying to be too creative with my thoughts!

It rains the whole day today….. from morning till night…. what a good day to start work ya?

Nevertheless, i am looking forward for the coming 1st week, 1st month, 1st outing, 1st training, 1st salary, 1st holiday, 1st troubleshooting, 1st year, 1st bonus and etc.

There will be lots and lots of 1st for me this round… and i will be more than happy to share it with you… meanwhile… stay tuned… and have fun!