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Saturday, February 16th, 2008

Germany in february doesnt sounds good for travelling…

cold and grey… but am lucky enough to be here…..for a short trip.

Came during the 3rd day of chinese new year…. leaving all celebrations at home…
to this place alone on the cold february…
sounds exciting…. though, my frist trip to europe

The city that i am in now is called mannheim, nothing fancy, you might not heard about it as it is like an industrial town…smoething similiar to PJ back home.

The city centre is laid out in quadrat….in suqare, this make navigation in the city centre easy.
the masterpiece of the city is the watertower…wasserturm

Am not sure if it does contained water… but am pretty sure that it does look beautiful.

Initially planned to be here after training for own holiday, to tour around this part of germany…
but have now decided to be home early…

this is a very nice place… but the problem is i dont speak german..
so in this small city, almost everything is not in english…this is really challenging for me
ordering food was difficult… lots of guessing but managed to stay alive.

people here eat lots of pork, pork knuckle, pork chop, pork snadwich, pork sausage, bacon, pork pizza, pork bagel, pork etc….porky porky porky….

i have always love those plazza, those open air cafe of european city…
i like the atmosphere, the settings, the whole package of it… watching the world goes by.

medieval towns have a special place in my heart.
i always love the idea of medieval towns,castle on top of hill, small winding cobblestone lane, beautiful buildings, lovely plaza, amazing cathedral…. upon knowing there is one nearby the place i am, i waste no time and immediately make a visit there.

i reached the castle when the sun sets…
a cold and quiet 14-Feb night
superb, beautiful view from the top..lovely castle…with the beautiful medieval town of heidelberg at the foothill… the view is just magical… lovely, romantic….. perfect setting for valentines day..
view from castlecastle garden

i took a slow walk down the hill from the castle…to the old town of heidelberg…
perfect….church, cobblestone street, lovely lane, beautiful building… the only thing i need now is just a girlfriend…a warm hand to hold in the cold night…walking down together on the cobblestone street, exploring the many lanes and corners…
old town
well…if only….

Anyhow, I am going back to this place again tomorrow…to absorb as much as i could before coming home….i am sure it will be totally different during the day time

long story cut short, i abandoned my plan to travel around for a few days…and i am coming back on sunday…

to save some money as sydney opera house is waving to me now…

auf wiedersehen….

updates on pics from heidelberg
main streetcastle+river