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Sunday, January 31st, 2010

Have you seen a snow globe before? The one decorative sphere when you shake it physically, the “snow” particles floats around the water-filled sphere…

Now, i had a feeling that i am living in a snow globe…

nooo…not that i feel dizzy or what, is just that it is winter now in switzerland… and for the past few days, it has been snowing now and then and at times the whole day.

Sitting inside the office… or my apartment, looking out from the huge gigantic windows, the snows were falling… flying around and then it stopped without any notice. After a while, or a few hours, then it started to snow again.

It is as if someone shake the snow globe, put it down, and watch the snow flakes flying around… and when all flakes settled, then pick up the snow globe and shake it again.

I know this sounds stupid… and childish…
but for someone like me who grew up near the Equator,
snow has always been magical 😀

snow covered cars, snow covered road, snow covered roofs, snow covered trees…. these are all just too beautiful

What seems like a normal street, a normal tree, a normal garden, a normal city, they were all transformed into something magical in just a matter of few hours.

Here i shared with you some of the shots i made….








Sunday, December 6th, 2009

It finally snows this week….
for the whole day and it was so beautiful…
everything is covered in snow..
the field, the tree, the cars, the roads, the plants, the mountain, the bridge, the roof….

it was kind of magical… still magical, although this is not the first time i see fresh snow from the sky…

but the sigh of fluffy white stuff falling from the sky…. as if raining… tht just simply fascinates me

Well… tht is the case if i am not outside…
the aftermath of snow is simply irritating…
it is almost impossible to stay dry while walking back home.
i hate the mushy, wet, soggy feet feeling :S

Nevertheless, the view of the mountains surrounding Luzern across the lake is just simply breathtaking…. on a clear day.

We always have foggy day during the winter… or so i was told… so it is a gift from heaven, like today, when the sky is clear and the view is superb!!!

I had fun shopping today…. buying some chocolates and small souvenir for family and friends….

yes… and i will soon be making my first trip back to Malaysia…

time flies, and as usual, that scares me…

the good part is that, i will be having a long long long holiday… and i am really looking forward to it 😀

Internet addiction

Sunday, June 7th, 2009

watching the world pass by,
on a june rainy day,
with a coffee in starbucks,
even the loveliest place sucks,

There were a period here that i was so attached with internet, facebook, blogs, etc… it seems like i couldnt survived without internet….

now that i moved to my new place, and i hv no internet with me now…. and i need to go to starbucks, like today… to really have the chance to surf..

the bloody company tht i subscribed suppose to send me my starter kits, but til today i received nothing.

In a way, i was quite sad that i do not have internet and i couldnt do much except to depend on my korean and hk drama….

the good thing is that i start doing some jogging and walk again… as i hv nothing better to do, watching dvd can be boring after 2 or 3 cds…

i must say that the view here, the route i used is awesome, the scenery is amazing, and the weather is good now, not too hot or too cold… so is just perfect… and i could even jog or walk up till 10pm at night, as the sun doesnt set before 9.30pm everyday.

Last Steps

Friday, May 29th, 2009

Updates 3 :

it wasnt a good first night yesterday….

1) i was cheated 10chf… well only have stupid me to blame
2) it was noisy, drunk, party goers, buses, lorries, restaurant patrons, church bells…

tht makes me wonder if i make a good choice for the apartment??? hmmm we shall see how it goes later…

My swiss living room

my Malaysianized living room

my swiss bedroom

my Malaysianized bedroom

my swiss kitchen

my Malaysianized kitchen (see Milo? maggi? indomee? chinese herbs? old town coffee? rice cooker??)

And i am constantly reminding myself my choice is a good one due to these sceneries…

Updates 2 :

I officially completed my probation period with flying colours… hahahah flying colours wasnt the exact word they used… but then overall…i had great feedbacks…

and now i think i cant really use the phrase “i’m new” often now… hehe

Cheers….and i will be temporary “offline” for some time as i hv no internet line in my place yet.

I am currently in my last steps of settling down…

I moved to my near, permanent apartment today… all the stuffs from the relocation company, that i sent from Malaysia….

So i had a day off… Moving House Leave…

First i have to de-register myself from the canton that i am in, so that i am able to re-register myself to the new canton where my new apartment will be.

Then i waited for the logistic company ppl, to move all my items… trust me, i moved way way way too little stuffs, i should have bring more… SIGH…..

And then i had the whole afternoon trying to arrange and to unpack my stuffs.

One this on apartment rental here is that you do not need to clean your apartment when you move in… reason :

It is compulsory for the ex-tenant to clean it 100%, windows blinds, toilets, kitchen, nooks, corners, every single inch, for the owner will make sure it is 100% clean, without dust or water stains on the window… Then when they hand me the apartment, they will write down details on the defects and the condition. I have to sign on it and this will be used against me later shall i move again….

I think this is a good concept…. wonder if it can happened back in Bolehland?

For a moment i like the fact that i have my own place now… and suddenly i have lots of idea to make it a nice living place…. to buy sofas, tv, radios, decorations, lamps, perfume, plants, tables, bath curtains, bathmats, vacuum cleaner, nice plates, matching glasses and coffee cups, coffee machines…

and i told my mum about it.. and my mum bring me back to earth…

she asked , am i going to marry here? if yes, please proceed, else dont be silly to have all the luxuries and to have it so well furnished…


A schoene Wochenende

Monday, April 27th, 2009

I had a good week this week….not only the weekend.

It was a fruitful week… lots of things happened and completed… the best is that a chance to meet up my good friend whom was in Germany and then whom was also here… for a run… the Zurich Marathon.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by
Had a great time… the chance to be able to swear in Hokkien again was great!Image Hosted by

Suddenly i felt that i am at home… right at home…. the feeling was great….

I took part with my colleagues…in Luzerner City Run on Saturday… for the first time… since many months… i must said that i DID terribly bad….
Image Hosted by Image Hosted by
Meanwhile, i felt that i started really to like Switzerland…. in some ways. I was in Germany this week, but sorry to say, it feels difference… the people, the street, the scenery, the buildings, the environment… somehow, is just different… in one or many ways…. and then on the way back… knowing that the train i took was approaching Switzerland… i felt delighted… weird… but is true.

Besides that, i had a talk with my line manager about my situation in the company, i was assured that it was absolutely OK… for not being able to contribute much now. Frankly, i was feeling a bit bad… a bit useless and a bit too free and also a bit lost. But then again, i was told that it will only be better…

Not that i had never changed job before… i changed more frequently then most ppl my age…. but then it has been always difficult to start new…all over again…. sigh… hope that i will gain the momentum soon!


Sunday, April 5th, 2009

i had been viewing a few apartments in the past few days..
but all of them… were beyond my budget..

one of them.. i really loved it.. the kitchen was magnificent.. newly renovated, with your own washing machine and dryer… with lift, in a good neighbourhood, slightly out of town but with bus stopping in front of the doorstep.

but then i convinced myself, that me here being alone, i do not need such a luxurious apartment… is not that i m going to host lots of party or there will be much ppl to appreciate the beauty of the apartment with me… and i was also worried that i do not have the right/cool/luxury furnitures to furnished the apartment… so i told my relocation agent.. i dont want that.. i want something cheaper…

and apparently according to the agent, it is hard to come by..good location, within my budget and it aint dodgy.

but seems like fate has its way of making things work…
i met a colleague of mine…
and she is planning to move to a new place..
and she is looking for someone to takeover her apartment.

Opportunity strikes… and i told her i want it.
I went to her place.. to look around…

well… good location, in city centre, 1st floor, with lift,
but surrounded by houses and offices, means i need to have the curtains down all the time to avoid giving peepshow to the neighbour, then it is without balcony, and it has no dryer… only washing machine.

i think for sometime.. and finally i say YES… and i sent in my application…. the owner was also delighted and accepted my application…. but one other downside is that i have to pay a deposit of 4-month-rent uphand before i can move in….

sigh….. i hv to tell myself… i will treat it as saving and just go with it.

an idea how it looks like… of course without the furniture… i will hv to get my own couch..

my own cupboard, light, curtain,tables, chairs, bed etc.. but the toilet will come as it is.. only without the shower curtain