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Sunday, February 11th, 2007

Kuching , the capital city of Sarawak,
the malaysian state on borneo island,
south east asia…

Not sure if you have heard of this city….and not sure if you had been to the city…
but if you havnt, i strongly recommend you to at least visit it once…

A capital city with small town charm,
modern towers stand side-by-side with pre-war shophouses,
this sounds familiar?
like every other city in Malaysia… no?

how bout the fact that it is one of the safest city in Malaysia,
with one of the highest quality of life,
honest, kind and friendly ppl,
clean wide streets, romantic waterfront, good authentic food,
world class national park, beach resorts, muzuems,
rich history, where sarawak was once rule as a personal kingdom by and englishman, and kuching was made the capital,

that all came in a package, that is kuching!
of all the capital cities of malaysia that i have been,
no doubt from this post, you can see that Kuching is one of my favourite

though i was only there for less than 30 hours,
but i really like the feel of it…
i love the many little cafes, coffee shops, lounge/pub
i love the waterfront,
i love the “empy street”,
i love the open space,
i love the honest and the friendly people there….

i think i will definitely return for a longer holiday…….