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Amazing World Wide Web

Sunday, July 5th, 2009

WWW is indeed amazing….
particularly internet…
especially Facebook…

for some unknown reasons, FB has been successfully recommended some internet friends of mine in my FB.

We have no common friends before this, and it is just mind boggling as how the F that the FB knew we “should” know each other… i am glad and happy that i found them
amazing… and cool… and well ….scary

it is also scary to know tht….it seems like there is no privacy as well…

everything u do and write and see and say, as long as u r connected…
u r constantly being monitored by something… someone….

Internet addiction

Sunday, June 7th, 2009

watching the world pass by,
on a june rainy day,
with a coffee in starbucks,
even the loveliest place sucks,

There were a period here that i was so attached with internet, facebook, blogs, etc… it seems like i couldnt survived without internet….

now that i moved to my new place, and i hv no internet with me now…. and i need to go to starbucks, like today… to really have the chance to surf..

the bloody company tht i subscribed suppose to send me my starter kits, but til today i received nothing.

In a way, i was quite sad that i do not have internet and i couldnt do much except to depend on my korean and hk drama….

the good thing is that i start doing some jogging and walk again… as i hv nothing better to do, watching dvd can be boring after 2 or 3 cds…

i must say that the view here, the route i used is awesome, the scenery is amazing, and the weather is good now, not too hot or too cold… so is just perfect… and i could even jog or walk up till 10pm at night, as the sun doesnt set before 9.30pm everyday.