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G’day mate

Sunday, May 25th, 2008

G’day mate…..

fresh from my holiday, i feel like going for holiday again….
it is either i am too lazy to work… or i really love holiday… but who doesnt….
Gold Coast Gold Coast2
I like the name gold coast, my latest holiday desttination…
i love the name surfers paradise, the beach where my beach front apartment is located….

Gold Coast, a perfect place for you to relax…to chill out…
with over 70 kilometres of unspoilt beautiful beaches and coast line, gold coast is definitely the IT place for those who love water.

We had a fully furnished apartment overlooking the Surfers Paradise beach, the pacific ocean and that beautiful beach is just right on our door steps….
The view from my apartment was superb… amazing… wonderful…. beautiful… and breathtaking …. it is indeed worth all the money we paid…. in fact i believed it is a million dollar view.
Gold Coast 3
gold Coast 4
gold coast 5
I had a good deal from steve and simon at
They really went the extra mile to make my stay a memorable and a wonderful one….. very helpful and very friendly… Do check out the site if you are going off to Gold Coast, you will not regret it… trust me!

In comparison, Gold Coast is more like our own PD or Langkawi, a resort beach town.. but with far more attractions and places of interest…. In gold coast, there are Movie World, Sea World, Dream World, Wet’nWild World, and lots of other world world world class theme park and wild life park for kids and adults alike.

Movie World is a must if you grew up with Warner Bros movies and cartoons….
while if you are into dolphin, polar bear, dugong, then head to Sea World. Pig, the Dugong is definitely my favourite.
There is this Currumbin Wildlife Sacntuary not far away from surfers which has extensive collections of all unique australian animals… from the cute koala bear to the ferocious tasmanian devils, from the flightless dull emu to the colorful rainbow-like lorikeet.

Gold Coast IS definitely a place where you can spend and spend and spend all your hard-earned $$$$$

Being to Australia without visiting Sydney is incomplete…. like a beach without babes, hotdog without mustard, salad without sauces or Fish without chips…..So i went to Sydney for another round. It seems like i just cant get enough of Sydney. We did the routine itineraries of Sydney, the harbour, the bondi beach, the bridge, the market, the blue mountains, the QVB, and etc. Lots of walking required…. and it was very tiring….as per commented by my friends
Opera House


Definitely a great trip i would say… somehing that i waited since September2007….. now that 2008 OZ is done, i shall start planing for the 2009…
any recommendation?


Monday, July 9th, 2007

Shanghai can best described using all the superlatives we learnt in school…
the highest, the biggest, the largest, the fastest, the longest, the deepest, and etc….
and being the biggest and most cosmopolitan city of China, it does look appropriate….

this is not an ordinary city… but a metropolis of at least 17 millions inhabitants at any one time and it balloned to at least 20 millions in peak seasons. Peoples every corner and road…. every section of the city looks like a city by itself….

it is a contrast of old and new,
the world’s fastest magnet levitation train glide through the city alongside the traditional bicycles,
Mc’D are situated beside the ever popular “shanghai xiao long bao” and traditional ramen,
old single story farmers house neighbouring the sky-reaching Jinmao Tower….

this trip is truly an eye opener for me…
it totally changed my perspective of china…
for the china i knew 10 years ago from my previous trip didn’t look anything near to what i saw in this trip…

with the 2008 summer olympic games peeking around the corner, i believed China is in full force now to showcase to the world what it had to offer….

Shanghai… truly a great city.
Nanjing Road
PudongLujiazuiStarbucksYu GardenPudong at nightThe Bund

Kingdom of Cambodia

Friday, May 18th, 2007

To me, the name Kingdom of Cambodia itself sound exotic, even the first time i heard about it.

For others, may be it sounds “poor, dirty, undeveloped”….

Specially for this trip, i never research or took par in any planning as i try to go along with the flow… which is really not me, as normally i will try to research and make sure i know better about the places before i visitted. I really have no expectation on this trip as i couldt imagine how it will look like.

Well, for my first trip here to this country, it doesnt start of good…in fact it was very bad. I flew Air Asia to Phnom Penh on an unlucky rainy afternoon.

Upon reaching Pochentong International Airport, Phnom Penh, to my disgust my bags were soaking wet. Almost all my belongings includings undies and socks are socking wet….aka TOTAL LOST. Not only me, all my friends had the same fate. We were very angry, agitated, and tired.

So how will the rest of my trip be like?

Will the friendly khmer people, the jaw-dropping sights, the lively cities, the lovely and adorable kids change my perceptions on this country?

Or will the dusty and dirty roads, cramped buses, or hot weather add salt to my wounds?

Wait for my coming post……..