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Friday, August 21st, 2009

I am always been blessed with many friends….
well, at least to me, i felt that i am..
well…unless you guys never treat me as friend… hehehehhehehehe

Time flies, and i have been here for more than 6 months…
During this time, i am really thankful to have you, you, you and you, to be with me… through FB, blog, emails, msn, skype, and by the rest of other means.

Some of you even make it here.. right here in Switzerland… and i am really happy for that. It makes me feel that i am right at home… or at least never felt much alone.

Here, in Switzerland, first i have Nicholas, my primary and secondary school friend, whom i hv not been meeting for years… dropping by to say hi, and we went together for holidays. It was an awesome trip, i enjoyed it, and i hope Nick too.

Then i have my best friend here… BoSe…. well the last time he mentioned, he said i m just his acquaintance. Nevertheless, i felt great and i felt just at home to be able to see him here…..

Of course, here as well,i get to meet an “old friend” of mine, Patrick. Well, i knew him years ago from blogging… and have been keeping in touch all this while. I too enjoyed being the local tourguide, trying to show him around my favourite weekend city here, Zurich.

Next, i have met my 2 ex-colleagues here from my previous company. We too went to a few places within Central Switzerland, went to concert, went up the mountains, and we had lots of fun. Well, i think they did enjoyed it for they were here again for 2nd time…. it was just awesome.

And not forgetting last week, where someone i knew first by name, a “colleague” of mine from Singapore were here and we did some windows shopping and had dinners together. Now, i knew him more than his name… i think i make myself a new friend… again….or so i thought.

This coming weekend, i will another visitor… this round, someone i knew for some years… and we are good friend.
She will be here for a few weeks… and i am really looking forward to her visit…. and for her company.

Now, can anyone explain to me why i couldnt keep track of my spending?? heheehehhehe

Amazing World Wide Web

Sunday, July 5th, 2009

WWW is indeed amazing….
particularly internet…
especially Facebook…

for some unknown reasons, FB has been successfully recommended some internet friends of mine in my FB.

We have no common friends before this, and it is just mind boggling as how the F that the FB knew we “should” know each other… i am glad and happy that i found them
amazing… and cool… and well ….scary

it is also scary to know tht….it seems like there is no privacy as well…

everything u do and write and see and say, as long as u r connected…
u r constantly being monitored by something… someone….