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First sign of Spring?

Sunday, March 8th, 2009

After a much dreaded week of rain and snow… this morning brings a much welcome change… at least for me
it was sunny and warm and clear blue sky.

Ahh… perfect for my day trip to the city of Zug, the capital of the canton of the same name. It was my frist day tour of the city after passing by with trains the whole week. But i will reserved the trip for another post.

Today i would like to share with you… my temporaray apartment… a beautifully furnished apartment in Baar…

The Living room……

The kitchen….

The study room………. guest room

the throne room


It is really a very very nice place…. But one thing..

I SCREWED UP THE SINK! god damn it! I would need to phone the agent… and to inform them about that. I guessed i would have to pay a fortune to have the bloddy plumber over… damn it… This happened right before i left the house for the day trip to Zug… and it does makes my first sign of spring day… a tad least pleasant.

Oh and may i share with you my breakfast for today?