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My brain went for holiday

Saturday, December 22nd, 2007

my Brain left for holiday yet again…well…
almost once every month if not every week…

i am almost totally paralyzed without my Brain…
everything was out of control….
once the Others knew that the Brain went for holiday, things worsen.

i forgot almost everything and when i speak, it doesnt make any sense.

My colleague once told me, luckily my head is permanent attached to my body, else i would have lost it…

This round, i lost the most…my driving license and my thumbdrive\pendrive . The best part is my driving license… i have no idea when i lost it, or the last time i saw it…
but i do know i bought a new wallet in Singapore and i transfered my stuff…. most probably the license went missing during that time.

list of things i lost but managed to find it with the help of others :
– glasses
– pants
– wallet
– license
– pictures
– thumbdrive
– screwdriver
– books
– money
– cds
– house key
– car key
– drawer key
– virginity(i wished i lost it)