You are dying? I am sorry but we are full today

November 21st, 2009

“I injured my back, can i see the doctor now?”, if this is your question, most probably the answer would be, “I am sorry, but we are full today!”

For me, this is one of the most bizarre differentiations between Malaysia and here.

Back in Malaysia, you can just walk into any clinics at any town, village, city, on any streets and you will never be rejected. Yes, you need to wait in queue, but no, you will never be rejected. I never give a damn thought about it before but now that i am here, i think it is a luxury being able to walk-in to a clinic.

Here, before you go to a doctor, you are supposed to call in and make an appointment. And do make sure you call in advance to have the bookings made. Walking in to a clinic without prior booking is like walking into the office without wearing pants!

And no, no, you are wrong, it is not free… you have to pay a small fortune to see a doctor.

The argument is pretty simple, if is an emergency and life threatening, you should go to the hospital, if is not, then you are fine and you could wait… like everyone.

So what should i do? It wasn’t life threatening to me, but i am still suffering.

“Is full?? Could you see if is possible to slot me in? I NEED to see a doctor today. I COULD NOT stand and I COULD NOT sit!!!!”. And, mamma mia, the reply was very soothing…

“Come at 11am. Thank you!”……. a one-liner, but nevertheless it calms me down!

see, some how, as strict as it is, they do have some place and slot for “emergency”…..

Now just to be fair, I must say that the service provided by the clinic is world class…. very professional and very informative!

When you are given medication, pills come with the original packaging and unlike in some places, the pills come in lose packaging like M&M’s.

Then the doctor explained to you about the medications, informed you about the compositions, and then the way you should take it.

Unlike some places, you get the pills and a brief instruction from a clerk or receptionist!

Now the fun part, you dont need to pay for it on the spot.
You tell your problem, you get your medications, and the Dr shakes your hand and bid you good bye!!!

Thats it…. Swiss efficiency and quality!

I must say that i like the idea… and also the trust given to the people!

The Dr normally send the bills only at the end of the month, or once after 3-4 months. And from there, you will have 30 days to pay for it.

They say it is the same for the dentist, for furniture or any other purchase.

I used to develop and make photo books from online.
Normally I get the developed, finished photo album delivered to my door, together with a bill and i have 30 days to pay for it.

Autumn, Herbst

November 8th, 2009

It is very beautiful…
It is autumn now, my very first autumn in life…
I like the multi-hued hills, parks, and streets…
I like the morning mist and even the dreadful fog…
I like the smells of roasted chestnuts…
I like the fallen leaves on the sidewalk…
I like the crushing sound of the leaves when i walked on them…
I like the cool weather….
I like the million francs view on a clear day…
the view of the crystal clear lake, bordered by low colourful hills, with the majestic Alps at the background, in every direction…
I like the cool weather…
I like the fact that city is now decorated or in progress of transferring into a magical winter wonderland…
I like the fact that i am going for long holiday soon…
but I also HATE that my camera died…
I hate that it chose to die now….
I hate that i have nothing to capture those items i mentioned…
I hate the fact that there will be no autumn, until next year…


October 25th, 2009

Recently, i was distracted from my life in paradise here….
after 7 months, i started to discover… that paradise too is not perfect…. i am awake from my dream now… and i dont like the feeling.

Then, i discovered something that i was escaping subconsciously is back to haunt me… and i could not escape it even by escaping to this paradise

And today, my camera decided to give up and died on me.

I am trying to be optimistic, it could be worse…


October 12th, 2009

It was my dream since i knew about England, that i wanted to visit London, at least once in my life.

All my friends know how much i wanted to visit London….

Well, i had my chance and luck that i managed to make a short trip across the channel to London from Switzerland… with a friend of mine with easyjet.

First impression of London : messy, crowded (from my first experience on the Tube)

Subsequent impression of London : beautiful, gigantic, messy, lively, mix ‘n match

Final impression of London : i will be back 😀

Having the small-town syndrome and the fact that i have been living in a village for sometime, London seems to be enormous and not to mention messy as well.

The Underground Tube system is very convenience, and with only 7pound, you will be able to get a day ticket for zone 1 and 2, which is more than enough if you have only a few days in London and have no plan to go out of the city.

London could be expensive, or so i heard, read and understand. In terms of accomodation, perhaps i would say they are really expensive! I booked myself a bed in a 2-star hotel… which i surveyed day and night with the help of Google Streetview. The hotel is located in an eccentric neighbourhood of backpackers, fast food outlets, tonnes of souvenir shops, pubs, and various ethnic restaurant. The hotel itself is located on a wide leafy boulevard with rows of beautiful, magnificent, and unmistakeably very british Georgian houses.

But the room itself leaves much to be desired. The room is in the basement next to the kitchen, enough said!

Nevertheless, luckily most sights and landmarks in London are free. The grand Westminster, the unique Tower Bridge, the majestic Buckhingham Palace, the weird Tate Modern, the awesome British Museum, the popular Trafalgar Square, the glamour Leicester Square, the expensive Harrods, the green Hyde Park, the colourful Piccadilly Circus, the gorgeous St Paul’s Cathedral, the noisy Chinatown, i am out of vocabularies and well… i am sure you get what i meant.

So basically, you dont need to spend much to experience the sight.

I had my first nasi lemak after more than 7 months in an authentic Malaysian Restaurant near the National Art Gallery… i gulp it down with a glass or original teh tarik… NICE…. and no… dont ask me the price please.

I also had my first wanton noodles for lunch, and roast duck, kangkung, real tofu, pork for dinner on one of the day.
hehehehe… is more like a trip to indulge in asian food… ya..sounds funny…

I had also the chance to meet a few of my friends, primary school friend, secondary school friend, and also another friend of mine…we went to the same tuition. It was lots of fun, to meet again after so long…

So from London, of course i had my first supposedly original Fish ‘n Chips. Those meals weren’t really expensive…. or at least so i thought.

Shopping in London itself, is worth a whole new post…
but anyway, to sums it up, i bought a crumpler camera bag, one bottle of DKNY perfume, 2 Puma shirts(£11), 1 Everlast shirt(£6), 2 Londonsdale(£16), 3 Hard Rock Cafe London t-shirts and i help my friend to buy an Anya Hindmarch tote bag.

Well…. conclusion, i enjoyed the trip, i enjoyed the company of my friend…. i love the new experiences….
and i am glad… i had one of my dream fulfilled…

though…. one of a dream of mine shattered this week… 🙁

7th Month

September 23rd, 2009

2 more days, and it will be my 7th months here…
looking back, it was just like last month that i first posted about my First Day.

From all my posts and pictures, there is no prize for guessing that i have been quite comfortably settling down here, except for a few more important events, coming up that will then mark my settling in as complete.

I, for example has live my life the Swiss way, or so i try.
I, for example has discovered that i started to gain back the KG i lost. (not too good)
I, for example know more German words than before.
I, for example found that my English is getting worse.
I, for example found that my Malay almost do not exist now.
I, for example realized that my Mandarin sucks as well.
I, for example made more friends now.
I, for example enjoying to be alone most of the time.
I, for example starting to feel homesick, at times mildly, at some points quite severe.

My Ride

September 20th, 2009

I have been having this thought of getting a ride of my own here…

No… No… Not car… i am planning to get a bike…

I do not know how much bike costs before this…. wel coming from Malaysia, riding a bike was never an option or it never even crossed my mind. The reason is simple, i had one life and not nine! To cycle in Malaysia, i supposed you need nine lives, at least.

So browsing through shop and brochures and online store, i got a shocked of my life, seeing those sky high price for a bike. I mean, i do not know how much it costs in Malaysia, for say something that you could ride on the street, up some hill etc kind of bike.

Here a basic common bike…. normal looking with standard features, cost about say RM3000, anything lesser than it, they dont call it a bike…heheh literally, sort of.

So now here i am, a non-bike enthusiast, have to decide which bike i need and will suits me… and i hate being in this situation where uiknow nuts about any features, except the colour looks good or the size of the rim etc.

The above is the hybrid 7200….

and this is Hybrid 7300,

sigh what is the difference???

anywhere, if these are available, they are 2009 old stocks, then there will be 20% discount.


September 12th, 2009

One of the many reasons i love being in my current company, is the chance to meet new and interesting people.. once a while….

Today, i had the opportunity to be in the company HQ, to take part in a HR Induction programme… for “new” employee.

I have been here for about 7 months, and i am glad that i took part in this program which i once rejected back in June.

This program gave me a chance to see the company i worked from a different perspective.

Today i learned new stuffs, i gained valuable new information, i understand new concept, and the most important was that, i met tonnes of interesting new acquaintances, Slovakian, Spanish, Costa Rican, Germans, Norwegian, British, and even a Malaysian!!!!!

In short, i felt great, i felt happy, i felt good for the wonderful programs organized by the HQ, and it definitely worth my efforts waking up at 5am today just to prepare myself and to make my trip up to the HQ


Getting older

September 5th, 2009

I remember a saying,

…for every year, kids gain another year, while adults lose a year…

in another word, kids look forward to birthday… kids want to grow up, and kids wished time flies…

now that you are a grown up adult, you dread birthday…. you dont want to grow old, and you wished time stop…

at least tht is wht i felt…. i felt time flies, and i m really scared… blinked, and a month passed, yawned, and is another year…

you could also say that may be i am afraid of tomorrow, or i am always in the past…

silently, secretly, subconsciously, i learned to appreciate life… i learned to appreciate ppl around me… i learned to be more relaxed… i learned to let go… i learned to live one day at a time


August 21st, 2009

I am always been blessed with many friends….
well, at least to me, i felt that i am..
well…unless you guys never treat me as friend… hehehehhehehehe

Time flies, and i have been here for more than 6 months…
During this time, i am really thankful to have you, you, you and you, to be with me… through FB, blog, emails, msn, skype, and by the rest of other means.

Some of you even make it here.. right here in Switzerland… and i am really happy for that. It makes me feel that i am right at home… or at least never felt much alone.

Here, in Switzerland, first i have Nicholas, my primary and secondary school friend, whom i hv not been meeting for years… dropping by to say hi, and we went together for holidays. It was an awesome trip, i enjoyed it, and i hope Nick too.

Then i have my best friend here… BoSe…. well the last time he mentioned, he said i m just his acquaintance. Nevertheless, i felt great and i felt just at home to be able to see him here…..

Of course, here as well,i get to meet an “old friend” of mine, Patrick. Well, i knew him years ago from blogging… and have been keeping in touch all this while. I too enjoyed being the local tourguide, trying to show him around my favourite weekend city here, Zurich.

Next, i have met my 2 ex-colleagues here from my previous company. We too went to a few places within Central Switzerland, went to concert, went up the mountains, and we had lots of fun. Well, i think they did enjoyed it for they were here again for 2nd time…. it was just awesome.

And not forgetting last week, where someone i knew first by name, a “colleague” of mine from Singapore were here and we did some windows shopping and had dinners together. Now, i knew him more than his name… i think i make myself a new friend… again….or so i thought.

This coming weekend, i will another visitor… this round, someone i knew for some years… and we are good friend.
She will be here for a few weeks… and i am really looking forward to her visit…. and for her company.

Now, can anyone explain to me why i couldnt keep track of my spending?? heheehehhehe

You know it is 21st century when…

August 6th, 2009

a bunch of people, men and woman, meeting up in a pub, in the city on a Wednesday night and the common topic was about Facebook and Mafia Wars.