First step

Before taking the giant step…
there are thousands of little, tiny, dwarf steps that i need to make…..

1) Make appointment with logistics company
2) Prepare and group items intended to ship over
3)Buy new clothes
4) Exchange travelers cheque
5) Exchange Swiss Franc
6) Purchase flight ticket
7) Make arrangement for temporary housing in Switzerland and also send in requirements to agent for permanent housing
8 ) Clear LHDN malaysia tax for year 2008
9) Pay Credit Card due
10) Buy New Laptop
11) Take passport picture
12) Top up medicine and supplements
13) Top up toiletries and instant food for hand luggage
14) Pack my bags

p/s: and i now owned a citibank savings account…just hope that citibank doesnt close down… hehe

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One Response to “First step”

  1. Lawsh says:

    What the???
    you haven’t settle your passport things one ar???

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