Wow…. i couldnt believed it…
i haven’t been posting since May… is more than a month

I was considering if I should continue my blog or not …. if I should continue to maintain my own .net domain. No, it wasn’t expensive… in fact I got a good deal for the hosting and also the domain name… Is just that… I am writing lesser and lesser…. and sometime I am busy, and the blog didn’t even came tomy mind…..

On the other hand… I have been blogging…. or trying to blog since like year 2005, if I am not wrong… or in fact earlier… so I really felt reluctant to let it go.

Life here on the land of chocolates and cheese, the land of beautiful scenery and relaxing way of life, the land of healthy and rich people, has been good. Works in the office has been increasing, but still manageable.
I have more friends that before…. but for sure I missed all my old friends, and buddies back in the Bolehland.

I missed my family too. This year, I decided not to go back during the Christmas..and will only go back during the Chinese New Year…. that means in 2011 February. So this will be my longest time out of bolehland so far.

As usual, at times I enjoyed my life here… and some other times I felt down and lonely… well, something that I learned to cope well.

Nevertheless… time flies… it is now almost the end end of June… and July is sneaking around the corner…. and I noticed that I have even more grey hair than before…
and that I gained weight comparing to last year…. 2 things I dont wish to have and to be…

losing weight might not be too difficult, it is actually up to me… so far, I did not went for jogging as much as last year…. and i cooked and ate a lot…. constantly 😀

the grey hair part…. this i believed it is out of my control…the only think i can do to it is just to make sure that my hair is not too long, and hence not so visible…
this means i have to have it cut like once a month…

and….. going to the coiffure… the hairdresser… the barber here can’t exactly be considered cheap… but this is unavoidable if I want to “hide” my grey hairs.

I aged too soon

I completed my German class this week.. a total of 52lessons… a total of 52 hours
and i learned a total of 52 words 😀

hahahahha…. i think i can understand more now… but at times i have problem making the sentences or remembering all those words… my german vocabulary is limited……

Ich kenne nur ein bischen Deutsch… Jetzt verstehe Ich mehr als vorher, aber Ich kann nur einfache satze machen.

Also, Ich glaube dass , werde ich hier aufhoeren.

Biss dann….. 😀

6 Responses to “Melancholic?”

  1. Kevin says:

    Nun, es gibt immer Google, um es für Sie übersetzen.

  2. zbjernak says:

    i dont even know übersetzen this word….
    i have to use google to translate it
    so much for my german lesson

  3. Kevin says:

    lol so now you’ve learn a new word 🙂 53 words for you now.
    You can even playback how the world should be pronounce.

  4. grayson says:

    Hi fren….do keep posting la……we would still want to read ur blog. ..and to know how u doing there.
    Take care my fren

  5. zbjernak says:

    grayson…u hv even ur own website..
    😀 I will try to post more 😀

  6. Ripcord says:

    just popping by to say hello. it’s been a long while! hope all is good. nice to see u still using this nickname..haha

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