Home sweet home

I am currently writing this post from the comfort of my room, in Malaysia.

Well, time flies, and soon i will flying back to CH again….
5 weeks…. it sounds quite a long holiday, but in reality, is just a blink and is all gone now 🙁

2009 was a very eventful year for me…. I started my new life in a new country and i enjoyed it a lot.
As much as i enjoyed it, i had my lowest moment of the year too… well i would say that, till now, i m still having kind of a trauma… nightmare, and i still remember every details of it.

2010, the 1st decade of the 2nd millenium, I shall try to enjoy my life…to have a fruitful year…
and most important, is to lead a healthy and happy life….

I, hereby, also wishing you, yes, you, my dearest friends… a fruitful, healthy, and a happy new year in this 2nd millenium.

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