Shanghai can best described using all the superlatives we learnt in school…
the highest, the biggest, the largest, the fastest, the longest, the deepest, and etc….
and being the biggest and most cosmopolitan city of China, it does look appropriate….

this is not an ordinary city… but a metropolis of at least 17 millions inhabitants at any one time and it balloned to at least 20 millions in peak seasons. Peoples every corner and road…. every section of the city looks like a city by itself….

it is a contrast of old and new,
the world’s fastest magnet levitation train glide through the city alongside the traditional bicycles,
Mc’D are situated beside the ever popular “shanghai xiao long bao” and traditional ramen,
old single story farmers house neighbouring the sky-reaching Jinmao Tower….

this trip is truly an eye opener for me…
it totally changed my perspective of china…
for the china i knew 10 years ago from my previous trip didn’t look anything near to what i saw in this trip…

with the 2008 summer olympic games peeking around the corner, i believed China is in full force now to showcase to the world what it had to offer….

Shanghai… truly a great city.
Nanjing Road
PudongLujiazuiStarbucksYu GardenPudong at nightThe Bund

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