A taste of Home

For a moment, it smells like Malaysia, sounds like Malaysia… and almost… almost taste like Malaysia…

i had a wonderful dinner at a malaysian restaurant in zurich… i heard that there aren’t many malaysian restaurant in zurich, and this one i had…suppose to be quite popular with the singaporean and malaysian crowd.. the name of the restaurant is Teoh Restaurant, and supposely they had been operating like 20 years??

it is also possible to have some pre-book dishes…
like if you manage to get like 10 ppl, then you could inform the owner what you would like to have, for example, Assam Laksa, or Prawn Noodles, or real satay with peanut sauce…

  1. Food – CHF130 (RM416)
    • wanton soup (8 special only-for-malaysian’s prawn wantons),
    • 1 portion gado-gado (indian rojak),
    • 1 nyonya curry chicken,
    • 1 char koay teow,
    • 1 duck noodles soup,
    • 1 curry mee,
    • 2 jasmine tea,
    • 2 bier
  2. Train ticket from Luzern to Zurich – CHF28.20 (RM90.24)
  3. Taste of home – PRICELESS

Well…… not something that i should do frequently as i hav with me canned curry chicken, chicken herbs soup, luncheon meat, dark soy sauce, sesame oil, etc with me…. but it is nice, once in a while, to have something to remind me of how food in malaysia taste like now… hehehehhehehe

Today was a day full of activities, and also full of money using excuses… watched Terminator at noon, had (lousy) Hong Kong food for lunch, went shopping and bought myself a new shirt and a new jacket.

Teoh Restaurant

Bäckerstrasse 37
8004 Zürich

Tel.: 044/ 242 14 42
Fax: 044/ 242 14 42

( From Zurich Haupbahnhof, proceed to Bahnhofquai to take the Tram no:14, stop at Stauffacher…. and Baeckerstrasse is just arround the corner. You will see 2 chinese red lantern on the entrance. Do make bookings if you are there during peak hours, as the restaurant is small, there are places for like 30 ppl. )

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  1. Kevin says:

    Err…Did I mention the Chee Cheong Fun I had the other day was like RM2.

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