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Summer is said to be the time where people enjoying the outdoor…. in fact supposedly the only time where the weather is nice enough to be out of the comfort of the hibernation caves…

End of Spring and beginning of Autumn is pretty enjoyable as well….or so they said.. i hv no idea as i hv not been through, and so far… now, the begining of Spring is not very nice as it rains every now and then.

People have party, have festival, have sports events, have bbq, ppl do hiking, ppl do lots and lots and lots of fun stuff…

Below are some of the notable events happening in and around Zurich…. which i hope that i will have the luxury of time to be there, to experience something difference…. you know, afterall, these events are only fun for the first time…

The biggest Gay event in Europe.

Zurich Festival… will hv lots of free concert, orchestra, etc… hope that i will hv time to go and look look see see

The ultimate Street Parade where the city is totally shut down and jam packed with 1 million party-goers, tourist etc… and i hope that i will not miss this……..

Event to showcase Zurich as the a happening back to the nature city of Europe

I will be going to this exhibition to experience for the first time… an art exhibition and the same time to charge and recharge all my artistic cells.

If only my friends, you, you , you and you are here with me…..

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