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crazy weather

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

the weather is crazy…
2 days ago , it was so hot, so warm, and i almost got sunburned…
and since saturday…it was raining non stop…
it is monday night now… still raining nonstop..

it makes me feel lazy, moody, grey…..

as update, nothing much happened in works….
nothing new in personal life…

everything went as usual…
which i assumed , is a blessing in disguise…

looking forward to the real summer… hiking, cycling…walking….

After a long hiatus

Monday, March 29th, 2010

I havnt been updating for quite some time…

I dont know why… but it seems like i have nothing to write.. or nothing to report….

i think this has something to do with FB… as i am almost constant on it… and somehow, updating blog just doesnt seem appealing…

but nevertheless…. i felt like i am a little slow nowadays..
i dont know why… this is my first time feeling so since i moved here….

i talked lesser, i interact lesser, i think lesser, i do lesser

my brain is kind of shutting down… this is a bad sign…
or is it a good sign?

old age? loneliness? relaxed state of mind? lost of direction? lack of interaction? i dont know….

one thing for sure…
i have lots of trips to be made in April….
all personal and non for work… 😀


Sunday, January 31st, 2010

Have you seen a snow globe before? The one decorative sphere when you shake it physically, the “snow” particles floats around the water-filled sphere…

Now, i had a feeling that i am living in a snow globe…

nooo…not that i feel dizzy or what, is just that it is winter now in switzerland… and for the past few days, it has been snowing now and then and at times the whole day.

Sitting inside the office… or my apartment, looking out from the huge gigantic windows, the snows were falling… flying around and then it stopped without any notice. After a while, or a few hours, then it started to snow again.

It is as if someone shake the snow globe, put it down, and watch the snow flakes flying around… and when all flakes settled, then pick up the snow globe and shake it again.

I know this sounds stupid… and childish…
but for someone like me who grew up near the Equator,
snow has always been magical 😀

snow covered cars, snow covered road, snow covered roofs, snow covered trees…. these are all just too beautiful

What seems like a normal street, a normal tree, a normal garden, a normal city, they were all transformed into something magical in just a matter of few hours.

Here i shared with you some of the shots i made….







Autumn, Herbst

Sunday, November 8th, 2009

It is very beautiful…
It is autumn now, my very first autumn in life…
I like the multi-hued hills, parks, and streets…
I like the morning mist and even the dreadful fog…
I like the smells of roasted chestnuts…
I like the fallen leaves on the sidewalk…
I like the crushing sound of the leaves when i walked on them…
I like the cool weather….
I like the million francs view on a clear day…
the view of the crystal clear lake, bordered by low colourful hills, with the majestic Alps at the background, in every direction…
I like the cool weather…
I like the fact that city is now decorated or in progress of transferring into a magical winter wonderland…
I like the fact that i am going for long holiday soon…
but I also HATE that my camera died…
I hate that it chose to die now….
I hate that i have nothing to capture those items i mentioned…
I hate the fact that there will be no autumn, until next year…


Saturday, September 12th, 2009

One of the many reasons i love being in my current company, is the chance to meet new and interesting people.. once a while….

Today, i had the opportunity to be in the company HQ, to take part in a HR Induction programme… for “new” employee.

I have been here for about 7 months, and i am glad that i took part in this program which i once rejected back in June.

This program gave me a chance to see the company i worked from a different perspective.

Today i learned new stuffs, i gained valuable new information, i understand new concept, and the most important was that, i met tonnes of interesting new acquaintances, Slovakian, Spanish, Costa Rican, Germans, Norwegian, British, and even a Malaysian!!!!!

In short, i felt great, i felt happy, i felt good for the wonderful programs organized by the HQ, and it definitely worth my efforts waking up at 5am today just to prepare myself and to make my trip up to the HQ



Friday, August 21st, 2009

I am always been blessed with many friends….
well, at least to me, i felt that i am..
well…unless you guys never treat me as friend… hehehehhehehehe

Time flies, and i have been here for more than 6 months…
During this time, i am really thankful to have you, you, you and you, to be with me… through FB, blog, emails, msn, skype, and by the rest of other means.

Some of you even make it here.. right here in Switzerland… and i am really happy for that. It makes me feel that i am right at home… or at least never felt much alone.

Here, in Switzerland, first i have Nicholas, my primary and secondary school friend, whom i hv not been meeting for years… dropping by to say hi, and we went together for holidays. It was an awesome trip, i enjoyed it, and i hope Nick too.

Then i have my best friend here… BoSe…. well the last time he mentioned, he said i m just his acquaintance. Nevertheless, i felt great and i felt just at home to be able to see him here…..

Of course, here as well,i get to meet an “old friend” of mine, Patrick. Well, i knew him years ago from blogging… and have been keeping in touch all this while. I too enjoyed being the local tourguide, trying to show him around my favourite weekend city here, Zurich.

Next, i have met my 2 ex-colleagues here from my previous company. We too went to a few places within Central Switzerland, went to concert, went up the mountains, and we had lots of fun. Well, i think they did enjoyed it for they were here again for 2nd time…. it was just awesome.

And not forgetting last week, where someone i knew first by name, a “colleague” of mine from Singapore were here and we did some windows shopping and had dinners together. Now, i knew him more than his name… i think i make myself a new friend… again….or so i thought.

This coming weekend, i will another visitor… this round, someone i knew for some years… and we are good friend.
She will be here for a few weeks… and i am really looking forward to her visit…. and for her company.

Now, can anyone explain to me why i couldnt keep track of my spending?? heheehehhehe

National Day Holiday

Friday, July 31st, 2009

This coming Saturday is the National Day… nono.. not the Malaysia’s National Day, Merdeka…dont worry, i haven’t lost my mind yet… 1.August, it is the Swiss National Day…. supposedly celebrating its 718 years anniversary !
Switzerland’s history can be traced back to 1291, where the first 3 cantons decide to merge and to become a confederation.

It is a remarkable number, if you ask me, for i m so used to national days’ number associated with only 2 digits, as in for this year, it will be the 52nd birthday of Malaysia.

Traditionally, there will be parade, party, fireworks, events, festival all over Switzerland. This Saturday, i would be joining colleague of mine to “celebrate” in Brunnen, a village, a hamlet, a city by Lake Lucerne.

Well this is not a history class,so do read it up from wikipedia, if you are interested.

What i wanted to highlight here is something very different very interesting.

Normally, back in Malaysia, a public holiday, like National Day, is the day where i go for shopping, go for movies, go to shopping malls for trekking, to have lunch, tea, etc, or just simply for windows shopping with friends or family.

Here, Public Holiday = every single shop is closed. And it is the worst, if the public holiday falls on a Saturday. Why? here is the reason why i said it is the worst…

Shopping are literally non-existence on Sundays… as such Saturday has been the day where the whole population seems to come out from hidding, spilled onto the streets, and to do their shoppings, and etc. Shops closed around 6pm on weekdays, except for Thursday (late night shopping) where shops closed at 9pm.

So the catch are that if shops are closed on Sundays, and the Saturday is a public holiday, you could only do you shopping on a Friday. But because Saturday is a public holiday, therefore, Friday is a “holiday’s eve”, and then shops closed earlier (4pm) instead of the normal 6pm. And Friday being a working day, that means no shopping is possible, and hence, Thursday is the only day left, where you could shop and stocked up before the weekends. It is such a frenzy on the supermarket and streets, where everyone try to buy and to stock up their supplies.

So it is kind of weird and interesting and new for me. I had my fair share of frenzy shopping this evening too.

Well, just to paint the right picture, shops in train stations and airport are allowed to be opened 365 days a year. As such, in case of “emergency”, shoppings are still possible in train stations, the popular one being Zurich Train Station and also Zurich Airport.

First contact to French : part 2

Sunday, July 12th, 2009

Montreux, a town by Lake Geneva on the french speaking region of Switzerland.

From my base in Gruyere Region, we did a day trip to Montreux… a city famed for its Jazz festival, and also its castle, Chilon Castle.

Driving from Gruyere Region to Montreux was a pleasant one. We passed by the pre-alps, with lovely mountains, and villages, before descending on the other side approaching Lake Geneva (Lac Leman in French).

Montreux, a city which smells like money. Everything looks expensive and luxury, and have the feel of it.

This was the city where Freddie Mercury once lived,

It was a lovely day trip, and i do really enjoy it.

The view on Lake Geneva was good, the fact that everyone speak french, makes it sounds sexy??

The beautiful old town perched high up on a hill, the lively waterfront, the beautiful people, the city layout, makes this city interesting…..

Is definitely worth a visit, to get a bit of french taste while you are in Switzerland…..

Here…. a toast… of Montreux wine to Montreux, with the background of Lake Geneva

part 1

Last Steps

Friday, May 29th, 2009

Updates 3 :

it wasnt a good first night yesterday….

1) i was cheated 10chf… well only have stupid me to blame
2) it was noisy, drunk, party goers, buses, lorries, restaurant patrons, church bells…

tht makes me wonder if i make a good choice for the apartment??? hmmm we shall see how it goes later…

My swiss living room

my Malaysianized living room

my swiss bedroom

my Malaysianized bedroom

my swiss kitchen

my Malaysianized kitchen (see Milo? maggi? indomee? chinese herbs? old town coffee? rice cooker??)

And i am constantly reminding myself my choice is a good one due to these sceneries…

Updates 2 :

I officially completed my probation period with flying colours… hahahah flying colours wasnt the exact word they used… but then overall…i had great feedbacks…

and now i think i cant really use the phrase “i’m new” often now… hehe

Cheers….and i will be temporary “offline” for some time as i hv no internet line in my place yet.

I am currently in my last steps of settling down…

I moved to my near, permanent apartment today… all the stuffs from the relocation company, that i sent from Malaysia….

So i had a day off… Moving House Leave…

First i have to de-register myself from the canton that i am in, so that i am able to re-register myself to the new canton where my new apartment will be.

Then i waited for the logistic company ppl, to move all my items… trust me, i moved way way way too little stuffs, i should have bring more… SIGH…..

And then i had the whole afternoon trying to arrange and to unpack my stuffs.

One this on apartment rental here is that you do not need to clean your apartment when you move in… reason :

It is compulsory for the ex-tenant to clean it 100%, windows blinds, toilets, kitchen, nooks, corners, every single inch, for the owner will make sure it is 100% clean, without dust or water stains on the window… Then when they hand me the apartment, they will write down details on the defects and the condition. I have to sign on it and this will be used against me later shall i move again….

I think this is a good concept…. wonder if it can happened back in Bolehland?

For a moment i like the fact that i have my own place now… and suddenly i have lots of idea to make it a nice living place…. to buy sofas, tv, radios, decorations, lamps, perfume, plants, tables, bath curtains, bathmats, vacuum cleaner, nice plates, matching glasses and coffee cups, coffee machines…

and i told my mum about it.. and my mum bring me back to earth…

she asked , am i going to marry here? if yes, please proceed, else dont be silly to have all the luxuries and to have it so well furnished…


First Salary!

Wednesday, March 25th, 2009

Yeh… got my first salary in Switzerland….

ONE THING… i really need to take a good look on money spent in food and unnecessary stuffs

apparently after everything..all my commitments back in malaysia, all the transport, rent, insurances, social security, taxes, utilities, i left only 8% of my salary a month for food, toiletries, and other stuff… damn